Kite Reels

In article <2pgcs8$c2b@reznor.larc.nasa.gov> c.v.dunton@LaRC.NASA.GOV (Charlie Dunton) writes:
> If you like the HALO, you owe it to yourself to try and find a hand fishing reel.
> These look like HALO's with an attitude. Instead of the parallel sides of a HALO,
> they have one side that slants out, like a huge open face spinning reel spool.

I don't find these things have any advantage for stunt lines though. In fact,
they encourage you to twist the line as you wind it on, as it is awkward to 
rotate the spool for a prolonged period without some sort of clamp - on 
spindle. HALO's are easier to rotate, by just sticking two fingers of each 
hand  inside the HALO and clamping it with them whilst moving them round. The
versions of the reel you describe that I have seen ( they're pretty common in
kite shops over here, and I have some ) have got a T - shaped moulded cross 
piece in the middle that I find interferes with handling rather than aiding

Mark de Roussier

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