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Mark de Roussier (mark@murder.demon.co.uk) wrote:
: In article <2pgcs8$c2b@reznor.larc.nasa.gov> c.v.dunton@LaRC.NASA.GOV (Charlie Dunton) writes:
: > If you like the HALO, you owe it to yourself to try and find a hand fishing reel.
: > These look like HALO's with an attitude. Instead of the parallel sides of a HALO,
: > they have one side that slants out, like a huge open face spinning reel spool.

: I don't find these things have any advantage for stunt lines though. In fact,
: they encourage you to twist the line as you wind it on, as it is awkward to 
: rotate the spool for a prolonged period without some sort of clamp - on 

You're missing the point of how to use a HALO or casting reel if you *EVER EVER EVER*
let it rotate. Always put line on and take it off from the side, the same side. The
asymetric casting reels make it easy the remember which side. I have to label
the HALOs "This side Only". This way, you put a twist in the line for every
turn you put on the reel and take the twist out *EXACTLY* when you let the turn
off the reel. But never let the reel spin in your hand or turn it to wind line on.
This is true of the 'Indian' style fighter reels, too. Point one handle at
the kite and let the line fly off; hold the reel perpendicular to the kite and
wrap turns of line on. Never let it spin. Always use the same end. Stick the
handle into the ground and feed the line up through your hand, letting the line
whirl off the end of the reel.
  --Pete <pwmeek@mail.msen.com>

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