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In article <2pkpha$hmj@nigel.msen.com> pwmeek@garnet.msen.com (Peter W. Meek) writes:
> Mark de Roussier (mark@murder.demon.co.uk) wrote:
> : In article <2pgcs8$c2b@reznor.larc.nasa.gov> c.v.dunton@LaRC.NASA.GOV (Charlie Dunton) writes:
> : > If you like the HALO, you owe it to yourself to try and find a hand fishing reel.
> : > These look like HALO's with an attitude. Instead of the parallel sides of a HALO,
> : > they have one side that slants out, like a huge open face spinning reel spool.
> : I don't find these things have any advantage for stunt lines though. In fact,
> : they encourage you to twist the line as you wind it on, as it is awkward to 
> : rotate the spool for a prolonged period without some sort of clamp - on 
> You're missing the point of how to use a HALO or casting reel if you *EVER EVER EVER*
> let it rotate.

Too much discipline for me I'm afraid. I'd rather just put it on straight and
take it off straight, then I don't have to care about sides, and the line isn't
stored with twists in it ( for whatever thats worth ). Also I suspect its
easier to produce a winding gadget that just winds 'straight' as opposed to 
putting twists in. I have gadgets that do this for both HALO and casting reels
, and I'm not sure how I could arrange to put a twist in the line whilst using
one - that would need an extra hand, I suspect !:)  

Mark de Roussier

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