stunt kite bridling question

To: kites@das.harvard.edu
Date: Thu, 26 Aug 1993 02:34:22 GMT
From: jdc3538@ultb.isc.rit.edu (J.D. Cronin)
Subject: stunt kite bridling question

>I  recently  built the 'Speedwing' and 'Standard 200'  from  the 
>book  'Stunt Kites to Make and Fly.'  Both fly, but not as  good 
>as  the  GX-3 from KiteLines magazine.  The Standard-200  has  a 
>tendency  to  fall  from  the sky when one  line  is  pulled  to 
>quickly.   The Speedwing flakes out when flown too far into  the 
>edge  of  the  wind, flipping over (!!!)  and  dropping  to  the 

>Any ideas or solutions?

     I would almost bet money that the problem is related to  the 
balance  of the frame.  Remove the sail from the frame  and  hang 
the  frame  from  the ceiling by a single line  attached  to  the 
center spine.  Find the single point at which the frame  balances 
in  all directions. ie the plane of the frame is parallel to  the 
plane of the floor.  Compare this balance point to the  elevation 
of  the  center of pressure of the sail.  Change  or  move  frame 
pieces around until the balance point and the center of  pressure 
are at the same elevation.

     I am preparing an article for the net that will address  the 
issue  of  relating  the balance of the frame to  the  center  of 
pressure of the sail.

                   Still Learning and Sharing,

                            Ron Reich


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