stunt kite bridling question

In a recent post Jim (I get the gateway version of this so I don't have
full names, post references... sorry) states:

>I recently built the 'Speedwing' and 'Standard 200' from the book
>'Stunt Kites to Make and Fly.'  Both fly, but not as good as
>the GX-3 from KiteLines magazine.  The Standard-200 has a tendency 
>to fall from the sky when one line is pulled to quickly.  The
>Speedwing flakes out when flown too far into the edge of the
>wind, flipping over (!!!) and dropping to the ground.

I've built the Speedwing as well and found that it took a little bit of
tweeking where the ring on the upper briddle lines is placed.  In my
experience, if it was too low the kite would handle the edge OK but would lose
all lift near the ground... if it was too high the problem you described

What I found out was that if the ring was in the right place you can
take a Speedwing to the edge in a higher wind (15+) and it will go nose up when
it hits the edge allowing you to pull it back towards the center of the wind
with the nose straight up.

>The puzzling part is that they wouldn't climb until the bridle was
>adjusted 2-3 inches above the position given in the book.

Same problem I have had with both the Speedwing and a stack of Shuttle's from
the same book.  My guess is that somehow the measurements might include an
allowance for the knots in the briddle lines.  (Hense the 85CM listed for the
Shuttle as a mid point is *before* you tie off the end loops.  That would move
the sweet spot that they give could be off by as much as 5 - 6 cm.  That might
account for the problems we have both had.

>Any ideas or solutions?
Try shortening the briddle lines until you have them measured out before you
tie the knots?

Definately play with the setting of the ring on the upper bridle of the
Speedwing, it will make a huge difference.  Make sure to adjust the main bridle 
points as well to reflect the changes in the nose ring.  The Speedwing is a
blast in high wind if you get it tuned right.

Hope that helps a little bit, but at least you know you weren't the only one
that experienced these problems.

-- Travis "Just finishing a Sputnik from the same book" Thompson

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