stunt kite bridling question

Hi all,

> Speedwing flakes out when flown too far into the edge of the
> wind, flipping over (!!!) and dropping to the ground.

> Thanks for the info.  Is this a common condition?

I've got myself a new kite recently that does much the same as this (it's
a Brookite stunt No.2 or something), I've also noticed a friends kite do
much the same, both kites are quite different.

What makes a kite flip ?  Mine sort of stalls and falls onto its own lines
and no amount of work stops it plummeting then :-(  Any thoughts ?

I've adjusted the bridles quite a bit from the original position but it 
doesn't seem to help.

Oh and another thing...this new kite seems to "pulse/throb" when it starts
to pull, sort of pull-ease-pull-ease and you can see the kite stretching
and relaxing as it moves !  What on earth causes this ?

Dave Sansom (david@camscan.co.uk)                       ________|________
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