RE: This cutting line thang

This thread is turning into another "Cup Holder vs. Tach" like they have going
on rec.autos.  Their thread is really stupid, and this one is getting to be 
the same way.

I don't want to be some kind of newsgroup cop, but I can see that this could
get out of hand.  I don't believe this is the place for personal attacks, ie
calling someone "dumbass", or telling someone to "get a life".  This forum
is for sharing information!!!!

Since, I have been following this newsgroup, I have learned a lot.  If some
one wants to find out what qualifications some one has, or how many awards
somebody got, I believe it's all recorded somewhere, we don't have to go
bragging "I got ten first places" . . . .   and on and on.  We don't have to
brag where our names are published, I think most of us have, or have access
to, enough literature that we can check names/references, if we want.

Back to the main topic . . . If we use our equipment responsibly there should
be no danger to the public and environment.  If you use cutting line, you
have to make sure that it gets picked up.  Cutting fighter line is not the 
only line that cuts, I've gotten some pretty nasty cuts from spectra, kevlar
and dacron.

Enough ramblings for now!

Keep the winds at your back


PS.  I can now receive email, if anybody has previously tried and gotten
a bounce back.

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