Quad bridles for a Hawaiian

     Any  Delta Kite can be easily quadlined by adding  a  bridle 
line to each side of the kite that forms a plane with the  bottom 
spreaders.  Attach on end to the center spine joint of the bottom 
spreader  and  the  other end to the point at  which  the  bottom 
spreader  meets  the  leading edge.  The length  of  these  added 
bridles is not critical but I use the same length as the  longest 
bridle  line  of the original bridle.  Attach the bottom  set  of 
flylines  to the new bridles at a point directly below  the  pick 
point of the original bridle.  This is a good starting point.  Do 
not change the setting on the original bridle.  For the handles I 
use 3/4 inch diameter wooden dowel, 14 inces long and drill holes 
one inch in from each end where I then attach the flylines.
     The  first  Delta to ever be quadlined was a  Hawaiian  Team 
kite done by Lee Sedgwick from Erie Pensylvania in 1986.

             So there you have it for what you paid,

                            Ron Reich

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