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>This definitely seems to be the case! I recently bought a Rev II (I hope I
>remember correctly when I assert that it is spec'd with Advantage 2-wrap, or 
>was it 3-wrap?). While I love the kite, I have broken the female half of the 
>leading edge spar twice in 4 hours of flight, in winds that probably never 
>exceeded 15 mph.

That's odd.  I've had my Rev II for a year now, have flown it in winds ranging
as high as 25, and have never broken a spar.  And I've had *plenty* of ground
contact with it.  The Rev II is framed with Advantage 3-wrap (the Rev I is
framed with 5-wrap) and is surprisingly sturdy (as compared to a delta framed
with 2-wrap).

>before I consistently get the hang of it, and I would like to know if someone 
>can give me advice on replacement spars that aren't as brittle as Advantage 
>2-wrap. I would primarily be interested in spars that aren't too much heavier
>than the Advantage, so as not to impede low-wind flyability too much. 

You're not going to find something that's less brittle than Advantage and
not heavier--that's the whole point of the spars.  It's extremely stiff and
and extremely light.  The best compromise may be an Easton composite such
as 3/30.

>What is a
>good compromise for a Rev II? AFC .1960", which Jeff mentions, or somthing 
>else, and where can I get this stuff? (I live in the Bay Area.)

When I referred to the AFC 1960, I was talking about ultralight deltas.  The
Rev II is by no stretch of the imagination an ultralight kite, though there
is a 2-wrap ultralight kit for it.

The .1960 is not nearly stiff enough for a Rev and you're likely to break it
in a crash.  You might try a heavier AFC, such .2300 or .2400.  These can
be ordered from Into the Wind, Hang-'em High, or High Fly.


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