Rev II spar

[Explains problem about Rev II spars breaking in the wind.]

This seems kinda strange....I've never actually seen a stock Rev II break.
However, I have seen a stock Rev II, at my own hands, smash into a concrete
table at 40+ MPH and be none worse for the wear.  (Not intentional, of course)

However, I can imagine several possiblities.  If you tend to hit the ground
at an angle, or hit the ground while turning, I can imagine putting a lot of
stress on the top spar.  I tend to crash with the entire leading edge, so the
whole thing hits at once.  The only way you could fix this is to not crash.

If the tension in the top were REALLY strong, could put additional stress
on the top spar.  Check the top bungees, and make sure that they are tight, but
not putting much stress on any spar.

The best possiblity, IMHO, is that the bridle system is screwed up.  On my
Rev, the lines that would connect the bridle to the center portion of the 
kite came apart.

\     /\    /
  \ /    \ /

At the point where the two asteriks are on this diagram, there should be a line
going around the top spar that is connected to the bridle running left to right
across the kite.  (It's not easy to draw, and I don't have lots of time to mess
around.  sorry.)  Make sure that this exists.  Otherwise, stress that should
be carried by the bridle is being carried by the center spar.

Hope this helps, and good luck

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