Rev II spar

Things seem to be getting real confusing here, so let's just start with some

Rev 2-Wrap: 
        32.5" length, 12.9 grams.
        Used in Rev II light wind kit
        Not used in stock Rev II
        Fairly fragile
        Stiffness equal to about an AFC 2100
        You don't want to fly with these in any signifcant wind (more than
        say, 6 MPH).

Rev 3-Wrap
        32.5" length, 18.6 grams.
        Used in Rev I light wind kit
        Used in stock Rev II
        Pretty tough, hard to break.
        Stiffness = AFC 2400
        You can use these in most wings and fly in almost anything.  The
        Rev I sparred 3-Wrap shouldn't be flown in more than about 10 MPH.

Rev 4-Wrap
        32.5" length, 24.4 grams
        Used in stock Rev I
        Real, real tough.
        Stiffness > AFC 2540
        Use the 4-wrap for heavy wind kite/real big kite.

Rev 2-wrap has a reputation for breaking real easy--mostly, I think, because
many people mistake a special purpose rod for a general use rod (I never fly
my 2-wrap kites in over 5 MPH).

Rev 3-wrap is pretty tough stuff, and I hardly ever hear of people breaking
their Rev II frames.

I've never heard of or seen Rev 5-wrap (I've seen Rev 6-wrap, but never

Hope this helps...

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