Ridiculite Spars & Feldercarb

I first heard the term "ridiculite" from Robart(sp) of Spyro Jet last year or
the year before.
They are great rods and are made by the Hadzicki brothers.The rods started
out as battens for the spyro jet tandem i believe and  have changed with
time.  We've used both ridiculite and g-force skinny's in our indoor kites
and i have a hard time telling them apart.  Currently we're using the
skinny's because of the tappered is better theory.
As far as stiffness goes, it is subjective.   At least i can't say for sure
with out the right equipment.  i think they're about the same.  Also i've
only broken any of them with  bad joints(it's tricky business).   Don't know
anything about the skyshark's, he want send me any.
As usual these views are my on and reflect only my ideas and not the company
i keep.
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