How to determine the pull of a kite

In article <27p13r$2iv@irisa.irisa.fr> engel@irisa.fr writes:
>Is there a (simple or simplified) formula that gives the relationship
>between kite area, angle and wind velocity (and maybe other factors that
>I'm missing). 

Some missing factors that come to mind:
Sail Drag
Bridle Drag
Line Drag
Keel Drag
Wing-tip-vorex drag
Aspect ratio
Surface texture
Aerofoil lift coeficient
Reefing effects
Flying line elasticity
Movement of the anchor point
Apparent wind (and thus, line length at launch)
Wind turbulence
Reynold's number

Very few people have a good understanding of the *problem*.  A rudimentary
solution may be available for flying wings, but they still use wind-tunnels.
The problem for kites is *much* more complex.

On a more useful level, I seem to recall that Patrick Prosser uses
10 pounds per square foot as a rool of thumb.

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