How to determine the pull of a kite

Taken from a nifty little book called "Flights of Imagination" and 
introduction to Aerodynamics by Wayne Hosking.

The Standard textbook formula for lift is:

L = .5(Lc)(p)(s)(V*V)

where L = Lift force
      Lc= lift coefficient
      p = Air density
      s = Area of the kite (square meters)
      v = Wind Velocity (m/s)

The weight of the kite (W) is related to its mass (M) by W = Mg where g
is the acceleration due to gravity (g = 9.8 m/sec*sec).  Also, typical
values for the lift coefficient and air density are 0.6 and 1.3Kg/m.
With thes values, the lift formula can be rearranged to predict wind
speed for a kite to fly:
     v = (5 meters/second)the square root of M/S

wish I had the right stuff to show formulas correctly.  but you should have
a starting point from here.  

have fun
jon wagner

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