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>Hi everyone!
> I have a question!!
>We are making kites for the FUN of it and this problem puzzles me...
>What is the effect of having a longer or a shorter lower spreader?
>Of course the effect on the sail is obvious, but what would be the effect on
> the flight??
>Thanks in advance!!!
>Luc Marchand                    e-mail: luc@camscan.co.uk
>Cambridge, UK

Well, I can but speculate..:)

Increasing the length of the lower spreader might tend to lower the centre
of gravity. Depending on the relationship between the bridle attachment 
points and the C.O.G., this might tend to make the kite 'sit up' more - 
i.e. to have it's nose a tilted back a bit. So the effect might be similar
to lengthening the upper bridle leg ( assuming a traditional three point
bridle attachment ). What effects do you observe ?:) In this analysis I
recognise that I am ignoring :

                1.      Lengthening of the leading edge ( assuming constant
                        depth of sail )
                2.      Any increase in sail area
                3.      Changes in tautness of the sail ( assuming constant
                        area )

Mark de Roussier

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