Spreader size effect

>In article <16987.9309280830@star.camscan.co.uk> luc@camscan.co.uk writes:
> I have a question!!
>We are making kites for the FUN of it and this problem puzzles me...
>What is the effect of having a longer or a shorter lower spreader?
>Of course the effect on the sail is obvious, but what would be the effect on
> the flight??
>Thanks in advance!!!

I think the greatest effect of lengthening the lower spreader is to
increase the projected wing area. This increases the pull as well as
the speed. Several kite manufacturers used to sell kits that would
lengthen the lower spreader which almost compensates for the sail
stretch of a well flown kite...
Marty Sasaki            Harvard University           Sasaki Kite Fabrications

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