Beginner Ripstop sewing question

In article <rockCEvCBK.9uy@netcom.com> rock@netcom.com (Anne Rock) writes:
>: I've never used ripstip nylon for kites before and am wondering what 
>: the pitfals and tricks to sewing using this material.  Do I need special
>: needles, special sewing mackines, etc...
>It's helpful to tack layers together before sewing.  Some methods:
>hot tacker (low wattage, tiny point special soldering iron that
>fuses the layers together), sewing pins (usually in seam allowance
>only), scotch tape (don't sew over it), spray adhesives.
I like to use roll-on adhesive, but Peter Lynn reports that the experienced,
fast-working sewers who make Peels use only the adhesive properties of
plain water to help hold the work in place as they sew.

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