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>I don't know about the Sharks, but they are a bit heavier than G-Force 
>"skinnys", and probably a bit stiffer--although this tends to vary quite 
>a bit with each batch of rods (from what I've heard, anyhow).

The new SkySharks (now made in the USA) are slightly heavier and
noticeably stiffer and stronger than the older 'Sharks. The way to
tell the difference is that the new 'Sharks have the name imprinted on
them, while the old ones had a label glued on.

The 3p Sharks are 11.5 grams per 32.5 inch stick. They are more rigid
and definitely stronger than Advantage 2 wrap. The 5p Sharks are 13.5
grams with an Advantage 3 wrap stiffness. Just for comparison, an
Advantage 2 wrap is 14 grams.

If you ask the folks at HSTG about lighter rods, they will admit to an
8 gram rod. They are hesitant to sell them to people in general
because they are pretty fragile. They are tougher than Advantage 1.5
wraps, but are still easy to break.

The Advantage 1.5 wraps, in the larger (.25 inch) diameter are pretty
fragile. They can be crushed by using moderate finger pressure.

By comparison, the G-Force skinnys are stronger (they are harder to
break) but seem to be a bit more flexible (again hard to determine
because of the taper).
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