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sasaki@netop3.harvard.edu (Marty Sasaki) writes:
| The new SkySharks (now made in the USA) are slightly heavier and
| noticeably stiffer and stronger than the older 'Sharks. The way to
| tell the difference is that the new 'Sharks have the name imprinted on
| them, while the old ones had a label glued on.
| The 3p Sharks are 11.5 grams per 32.5 inch stick. They are more rigid
| and definitely stronger than Advantage 2 wrap. The 5p Sharks are 13.5
| grams with an Advantage 3 wrap stiffness. Just for comparison, an
| Advantage 2 wrap is 14 grams.

I just got a catalog update from Hang-em High.  It looks like they have
the new SkySharks.  The interesting thing is that the new ones come in
both 32.5" size and 36" size.  The prices are roughly $6.00 - $6.50 a
                                Lee Hetherington

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