Kite Trains

edho@uclink.berkeley.edu (Edward Chi Man Ho) writes:
>       I think I want to get a train now.
Aside: what's the difference between a train and a stack?  Are the terms
interchangeable or is a train single-line and a stack dual line?  Anyway,
from contect it is obvious that you mean 2-line.

>From my many kite catalogs I see only a few prepakaged trains.
You can stack just about anything.  With a budget of $100, I would
seriously consider buying 20 $5 plastic Garfield kites from K-mart.  The
performance is nothing to write home about, you will have to supply proper
lines, your own stack-lines and build a ghost-kite (a triangular frame that
goes in front of the first kite to remove the compressive load that the bridle
would put on the first kite, but you would have more impact on the general
public than $100 worth of any other kite.

For large stacks, consider the assembly time - you want something that you
can just stack up and dump in a box.  If you have to fit spars in 20 kites,
you'll never fly it!

Just my $0.02


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