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> In article <2pddc9$h7o@agate.berkeley.edu>, Edward Chi Man Ho
>(edho@uclink.berk >       Hi everyone.  I am having loads of fun
>with my Quadrafoil. >Thanks for all your help in recommending it to
>me.        I think I want to get a train now.  From my many kite
>catalogs I see only a few prepakaged trains.  Into the Wind offers
>a Rainbow pack and the Star Crusier pack.  I guess I could always
>train a bunch of flexifoils, but I have never flow one before.  Or
>I could train a bunch of normal deltas, like scorpians or
>something.  I would like to get a relatively cheap train like
>$100-$200.  (I want to save up my money and get a UL XTC so I can
>fly in zero wind.)

For long trains (6 to 24 kites) I would recommend Dynakites or
Hyperkites. Since I believe you are from the San Francisco Bay area,
I would suggest talking to the Bay Area Sundowners. They are the best
train flying team I've ever seen and must practice somewhere in the
Bay Area. (probably at the Berkeley Marina, Marina Green or Ocean
Beach?) They're also a great bunch of guys and would probably be
willing to help someone interested in train flying.

Dynakites are probably the easiest kites to fly in trains. They are
diamond kites like the rainbows but come in larger sizes and in three
color sails or solid sails. Dave Young of Forever Young Kites in
Middletown, CT (203-635-7545) could give you more info. I believe I
saw a Dynakite catalog last weekend at Norwalk. Dave has good
connections with John Martin of Dynakites.

Larger delta kites, like Scorpions, could be trained but you would be
on your own as far as setting up train lines and strengthening the
bridle. Ron Reich has posted good information on setting up train
lines. Check the archives. Flexis are fairly easy to train but as I
don't have any experience, I'll leave that to someone who does. Be
aware that two kites can pull more than double the pull of one. (I've
learned this with Speedwings - another good kite that comes in
trains) I've seen Brian Vanderslice leave the ground with a stack of
3 (or was it 4) Scorpions. And definitely don't try a six pack of
Hawaiian Team kites like Anthony Crisafulli (I believe I saw a
picture of him flying 17) unless you have a good body anchor or have
tied them to a four by four. (Same goes for 8 foot or larger flexis)

                           Good luck and keep it fun,

                           Mark Virgilio (uspehmev@ibmmail.com)

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