it1jk@de-montfort.ac.uk (Groove Patrol Station 3) writes:

>I've got two Super-10 Flexifoils. I've had them for some time, but never have I
>been able to launch them on my own.
>I've tried putting them on top of a massive haystack, then pulling them (which
>did actually work once), tried making a ramp out of my kite bag - allsorts, but
>I just can't do it. Any suggestions?

I stack a ten and a six. When alone I always get a result with the following:

1) If wind is light twist gause on spar to face the sky. With your leading kite
   stand and let it fill with air. Lay the trailing foil directly behind the 
   leading foil. Take a few steps back and bingo!!. You should have a 7ft/8ft
   gap between the two sails. Any less and ones air will foil the other.On a 
   6ft/12ft combination I use a gap of 5ft.
>Also, I've bust the centre spar on one of them, does anyone know anywhere in the
>UK preferably that does them, and what sort of price are we looking at?

I get all my gear from High as a kite in Stoke Newington.London. Mail me with any
requirements and I will see what he can do.If your a member of STACK the 
discounts apply


Handy hint for increasing your hight.

During a force 6 I flew both my foils...(:-() I had a body harness and attached
myself to the front of my campervan. The rope used was not bungee.During the two
minutes of my being dragged from left to right I must have been stretched.
Two minutes of extreame pain. My wrists have never been the same. The line
(300lb) broke. My brother swears to this day that the campervan moved.

I would be only to happy to hear of other stories. Not just relating to foils.
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