Flexis and other Power Kites - All comments welcome (requested)

In article <1993Aug12.214344.24634@Princeton.EDU> zehlst@clarity.Princeton.EDU (Stephen Zehl) writes:
>       Hello everyone, I'm still out here looking for my first power kite.
>       Are Flexis fun/challenging/exciting to fly if you are not in a buggy 
>or other pullable object?  It was my understanding that they are rather 
>slow/boring hard pulling kites.  Are they any good at doing tricks and 
>assorted stunts?  What size would be best for me to start with, 4, 6, 8, 
>or 10' flexi, and where can I get them for the lowest price?
>       I would really appreciate any and all comments about the flexis and
>super sky dart, or any power kite that you would recommend.  Either e-mail
>or post, and thanks again.
>                                       Steve.
>Steve Zehl                                             zehlst@rest.tasc.com
>Reston, VA

First of all, the only trick that you can do with flexi's is to flip the kite
over itself up near the top of the wind window.  You can't do too much ground
play with those flying air mattresses, cause once you hit the ground you're 
looking at a relaunch if you want to keep flying.

Now about speed.  They are the fastest kites.

If you want some awesome dual-line power, take a look at the Peter Lyn Peel.
This kite, the 5m flavor(15 ft wing span) broke 300# kevlar in 5-7mph wind.
The kite is fairly slow moving and very controllable.  

Personally, I think that your best bet for fun, power, and _safety_ are the 
quad-line kites.  The quads have a wide variety of tricks that you can do,
and if you are into getting pulled around, they can be held in the power zone
as long as you want the power.   

Take a look at Revs( stacked ), Quadrifoils, and Force-10 Foils.

Sam Ritter
Ann Arbor MI   
President 5/20 Kite Group Detroit


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