Flexis and other Power Kites - All comments welcome (requested)

In article <24gst7$o7t@news.umi.com> sritter@umi.com (Sam Ritter x3111) writes:
>First of all, the only trick that you can do with flexi's is to flip the kite
>over itself up near the top of the wind window.  You can't do too much ground
>play with those flying air mattresses, cause once you hit the ground you're 
>looking at a relaunch if you want to keep flying.
Granted that the flexi's groundwork is limited but it does still have a bag
of tricks.  You can:
   do tip-stands at the edge of the window (quite impressive with a stack).
   land it in the middle of the window, ready for take off (took me *ages*
      to learn that)
   Run (walk!) 360s (real impressive but not much harder with a big stack).
   Fly over the top.
   Drop it from the top of the window and try to catch it (a fun game).
   While you've got the foil in your hand, try throwing it up-wind, 'cause
      it'll loop up and over for you to catch it.
   The instructions show you how to re-launch from an inverted landing.

>If you want some awesome dual-line power, take a look at the Peter Lyn Peel.
>This kite, the 5m flavor(15 ft wing span) broke 300# kevlar in 5-7mph wind.
>The kite is fairly slow moving and very controllable.  
Yeah.  Try these (some require low wind):
   Fly this backwards (stalled)
   Run 360's (I sometimes fly on 80lb line!).
   The Peel does tip drags like nothing else.
   Do a tip stand and keep going down until the whole kite is collapsed,
      then recover.
   I've never done an "over-the-top" with a peel - has anyone else mastered it?
   Fly with two people (one handle each).  I've done tip stands with an
      eight(?) year old girl who was a complete novice.

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