Flexis and other Power Kites - All comments welcome (requested)

In article <24gst7$o7t@news.umi.com> sritter@umi.com (Sam Ritter x3111) writes:

>First of all, the only trick that you can do with flexi's is to flip the kite
>over itself up near the top of the wind window.  You can't do too much ground
>play with those flying air mattresses, cause once you hit the ground you're 
>looking at a relaunch if you want to keep flying.

You need to spend a *lot* more time flying Flexifoils.

First of all, that somersault you refer to can, depending on wind conditions,
be done virtually anywhere in the window with the kite moving in any

As for groundwork, well, that takes a *lot* of practice and is much "safer"
in lower winds (say, 3 or 4 to 8) and I dunno if it can be done anywhere but
the edge of the window.  But yes, I can do tipstands with a 6' Flexifoil 
(stand and re-launch, not stand-and-crash)

Flexifoils also skate extremely well.  You can do some interesting
turning-stalls.  They're amazingly graceful and while they have a 
relatively wide turning radius, they *scream* around those turns.  All
sorts of interesting things to do with 'em.

One of the things I love about the Flexifoil is that it's two, Two, TWO kites
in ONE!  With the Ultraflex spar, it's one of the best ULs around.  A
true finesse kite with an amazing amount of tricks up its sleeve.  When
the wind cranks up, slip out the Ultraflex and slip in the stock spar
and you've suddenly got a kite that pulls like a bear.

(who, at this juncture is refraining from commenting about flexis as
power kites as compared to peels, quads, etc., because if he does, he'll
be late for a sled workshop...)

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