Holiday time

A couple of weeks ago, I went on holiday.  One week in Orlando (having a second
childhood) and one on a cruise.  I learnt several things on the trip, that I
shall share:

New flexifoil tricks (learnt this off a guy in Orlando, who had been involved
in flying at Disney - sorry, can't recall his name)

Take the flexi off the lines.  Hold it in your hand, as if to launch it.
Throw it forward and down.  The flexi will loop up and over, so that you
can catch it, without moving position.

We also played at flexi 3D flying - up, over, stall, run forward and catch.
This is very difficult, because of the looping flight while falling.

I considered flying Natalie at one of the Disney resorts, but there is
something about that place that just said "don't you dare!"

I tried flying her off the boat, but concluded that it was the most difficult
place that I had ever tried.  I couldn't fly anywhere other than off the back,
because otherwise I'd be likely to hit one of the other 1500 passengers.
There was loads of wind, but the amount of turbulence was silly.  A good
technique was to hold the kite, let out some line, throw the kite high
and let the wind carry it to the end of the line.  I never liked to give it
too much line, because if I was ever to hit the water, I would never
see her again.  When trying to fly her while we were sailing against the
wind, the combined wind speed was sufficient to rip a seam apart.

Flying from a white sand beach over a crystal blue sea was unforgettable.


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