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>I've got two Super-10 Flexifoils. I've had them for some time, but never have I
>been able to launch them on my own.
>I've tried putting them on top of a massive haystack, then pulling them (which
>did actually work once), tried making a ramp out of my kite bag - allsorts, but
>I just can't do it. Any suggestions?

I bought myself a 6' Flexi on friday and flew it in light winds for about half
an hour during that time I hit the ground several times. I couldn't for the
life of me remember all the help I've seen posted on this before. I did manage
to self luch once, the kite was upside down so I pulled on one line which
caused the kite to flip over then I tugged several times and it just shuffled
a foot at a time. Then the magic happend I don't know if I pulled harder/softer
or longer but the kite just floated about a foot off the ground so I just tugged
and away it went. I've been dying to get out and try it again but I'm stuck in
bed with chicken pox with nothing to do but watch the wind outside, and it's
been a strong wind the last couple of days :-(. Still I might sneak out

I planning to get a quite a few more 6' flexi's and stack them does anybody
have any advice on self launching a stack. I'll be building a bit at a time
any body have any advice on line strengths eg 1 stacker  = 150lb
                                              2 stackers = ???lb
                                              3 stackers = ???lb
                                              7 stackers = ???lb

Hopefully I'll be getting two more at the weekend so any help would be gladly

>Also, I've bust the centre spar on one of them, does anyone know anywhere in the
>UK preferably that does them, and what sort of price are we looking at?
>Cheers and tight ones!
>James Kirk. (it1jk@dmu.ac.uk)

Tradewind Kites in Reading, Berks (0734-568848) stock the complete spar at
39.95. They might be able to get you just the center section. They will do mail

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