Flexifoil launching

In article <13037.9304271130@tlaloc.cms.dmu.ac.uk> it1jk@de-montfort.ac.uk (Groove Patrol Station 3) writes:
>I've got two Super-10 Flexifoils. I've had them for some time, but never have I
>been able to launch them on my own.

[Andrew thinks: I must write an FAQ on this]

Hints & tips:

1) Launch off a cricket square.  It's much easier on short grass.
2) Wait 'til it's stopped raining and everything is dry (eh Patrick? :-))
3) Buy an Ultraflex Spar for the top foil (this helps a *lot*)
4) Put 2 sticks in the ground and slide the foil up them (I've never had
   much joy with this
5) Make sure that the sail is nice and full of air.
6) Don't use 4mm rope for bridling the stack
7) Buy some rope, peg it out taut in 2 parallel lines 6' apart.  Use pegs
   to raise it 6" off the ground.  Use this as a runway to launch from.  
   It's a pain to lay-out, but it makes launching real easy.

>Also, I've bust the centre spar on one of them, does anyone know anywhere
>in the UK preferably that does them, and what sort of price are we looking at?

How did you break it?  I'd be interested to learn - I've tried quite hard, but
not succeeded yet :-)

If not your dealer, then try:

With Flying Colours:    0252 836241
Trade Winds:            0734 568848

(The numbers that I have to hand)

Or Flexifoil International themselves, in Newmarket.

Expect to pay something like 30 quid (I'll bet you wish you hadn't broken it


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