Flexifoil launching

>In article <13037.9304271130@tlaloc.cms.dmu.ac.uk> it1jk@de-montfort.ac.uk (Groove Patrol Station 3) writes:
>>I've got two Super-10 Flexifoils. I've had them for some time, but never have I
>>been able to launch them on my own.
>[Andrew thinks: I must write an FAQ on this]
do it!!!!
>Hints & tips:
>1) Launch off a cricket square.  It's much easier on short grass.

Pardon this dumb ignorant 'Amerrricun', but what the heck is a cricket

>3) Buy an Ultraflex Spar for the top foil (this helps a *lot*)

>4) Put 2 sticks in the ground and slide the foil up them (I've never had
>   much joy with this

Hmmm.  Sounds like a recipe for a torn sail...

>5) Make sure that the sail is nice and full of air.
How, praytell??

>7) Buy some rope, peg it out taut in 2 parallel lines 6' apart.  Use pegs
>   to raise it 6" off the ground.  Use this as a runway to launch from.  
>   It's a pain to lay-out, but it makes launching real easy.

A diagram might be in order here...


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