Flexifoil launching

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>> I've got two Super-10 Flexifoils. I've had them for some time, but
>> never have I been able to launch them on my own.
>> I've tried putting them on top of a massive haystack, then pulling
>> them (which did actually work once), tried making a ramp out of my
>>  kite bag - allsorts, but I just can't do it. Any suggestions?
>One method which seems to work involves the use of two canes (the sort
>used for staking plants when gardening). Mine are plastic coated metal,
>about 3' long and have tape on them to make them conspicuous. 
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I have'nt tried this with larger Flexis, but I self launch my 6ft
w/o any supports regularly:

1.      Lay out the kite *right side up*

2.      Hookup and unwind your lines.

3.      When you've got them unwound, take several *slow* steps backwards
        (away from the kite).  This will cause the foil to begin to inflate.

4.      As the foil inflates, increase your speed (backwards) slightly.
        If all is going well, the foil should soon be fully inflated and
        slightly off the ground.

5.      Give a quick tug to flex the spar and turn the kite and *whoosh* it's

I had a chance to fly a 10ft the other day in 45-60kph winds...  I'm not
a small or light kinda guy, but this kite was more than willing to (try
to) pull me all over the field.  *wow*! :)  The owner was getting
assisted launches, I'm not sure that the above tech. would work for such
large kites.  I have tried this once with a stack of 2 6fts though, and
while it can work but it's probably easier to get some help...


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