Flexifoil launching

In article <736077859snx@sound.demon.co.uk> Chris@sound.demon.co.uk (Chris J Lamb) writes:
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>>I've got two Super-10 Flexifoils. I've had them for some time, but never have I
>>been able to launch them on my own.
>>I've tried putting them on top of a massive haystack, then pulling them (which
>>did actually work once), tried making a ramp out of my kite bag - allsorts, but
>>I just can't do it. Any suggestions?
>I bought myself a 6' Flexi on friday and flew it in light winds for about half
>an hour during that time I hit the ground several times. I couldn't for the
>life of me remember all the help I've seen posted on this before. I did manage
>to self luch once, the kite was upside down so I pulled on one line which
>caused the kite to flip over then I tugged several times and it just shuffled
>a foot at a time. Then the magic happend I don't know if I pulled harder/softer
>or longer but the kite just floated about a foot off the ground so I just tugged
>and away it went. I've been dying to get out and try it again but I'm stuck in
>bed with chicken pox with nothing to do but watch the wind outside, and it's
>been a strong wind the last couple of days :-(. Still I might sneak out

I have a Flexifoil international stacker which is awkward to launch. I also
have a home-made 6ft. speedfoil (plans from the dutch book) which is difficult
to keep on the ground long enough for me to pick up the bar. 

Paul (puc@aber.ac.uk)

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