Flexifoil launching (solo)

When I first got my flexifoil (10') launching solo was a BIG problem,
basically I could not do it alone and was annoying to say the least!
The problem is when you try and pull the kite when it is on the
floor the centre bends the wrong way and it deflates and will not
take off.  The problem is made worse by the two heavy 70mm x 8mm steel
pegs and two extra furrels that are used to extend the spar by 140mm
because the kite was built too long! (Tried aluminum pigs first, but
they did not last long). 
Anyway, I digress.  The method I use is to push both ends of the
kite spar into the grass by about 25mm so it sits in an arch:

           /          \

Lay out the lines, then give a sharp tug.  It will jump into the
air, pause for thought, then your off.  It works about 90% of the
time in all good winds.  It sounds a bit hard on the spar but I have
not broken one yet.
     Hope people find this useful.

          Dave Binks   david@glenlivet.york.ac.uk

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