Flexifoil questions

In article <1rgo6dINN2k6@ctron-news.ctron.com> klober@balrog (Thomas Klober) writes:
>I have a stack 2 6' ones anf fly it in low/medium winds with a
>60lb Spectra line and padded wrist straps.
>I'm now looking into adding a 3d one which raises the question
>what sort of line to use. Anybody out there got any expirience/opinion
>on this ?
Line strength: dunno.  It depends how hard you are going to pull, but I's say
that it's time to look for something stronger.  Don't forget tho:
thicker line -> more air resistance -> slower kite -> less pull.

Swap the padded straps for Sky-claws (but fix the line part of the handle
with a loop that goes through the hole and folds back looping over the end -
the standard arrangement can pull through)

>The 2nd question is re the same kites. Somewhere I've seen/read
>about adding a tail to a flexifoil, which looked really good.
>But I all I can remember now was that it also mentioned some
>minimum geometry for this so that the tail doesn't interfere
>with the kite. Anybody got any measuremnts for this ?

I never bothered with the method that Flexifoil suggest, I just hooked
one tail onto each of the O-rings.  My experience is:

1) The tail adds a lot of drag -> slow kite
2) I tried 6 tails on a 3-stack (or was it 8 on a 4-stack?).  I never managed
to self-launch without them getting tangled and it took *ages* to wind them up
again, so I havn't tried again since.


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