Repairing a torn Flexifoil

At a recent flying session in very high winds up in Yorkshire, my 6ft
Flexi sufferred a long rip in the (so called) ripstop fabric.  The
tear is on the bottom of the end pocket, parallel with the short side
of the kite, and is about a foot long.  I don't really know how it
happened because someone else was flying it at the time - I guess they
brushed across some barbed wire, judging by how clean the tear is.

Since I work quite close to the Flexifoil factory, I have taken it
there for repair, which seems to involve opening the sail up and
applying some kind of patch.

Does anyone have any experience of how this repair will affect the
kite's handling?  Should I budget for a new sail and keep the repaired
one as a spare?  (Or for lending to careless friends!)

Also, should I have saved some money by repairing it myself?  Can it
be done without loads of sewing?

-- Steve
                                Steve Hunt      steve@acorn.co.uk

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