Repairing a torn Flexifoil

Jeffrey C. Burka (jeffy@syrinx.umd.edu) wrote:
: In article <23765@acorn.co.uk> steve@acorn.co.uk (Steve "daffy" Hunt) writes:

: >Since I work quite close to the Flexifoil factory, I have taken it
: >there for repair, which seems to involve opening the sail up and
: >applying some kind of patch.

: Did you have to pay much for this service?

No - it was surprisingly cheap.  It cost about seven or eight pounds
including VAT (sales tax).  At that price it didn't seem to be worth
trying to do it myself.  Maybe if it had been 15 or 20 I would.  I
haven't seen the result yet - I collect it tomorrow - but I don't
think they are likely to botch it up!

Thanks for the advice on repair techniques - maybe next time I'll be
braver and open it up myself.

-- Steve
                                Steve Hunt      steve@acorn.co.uk

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