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> During a force 6 I flew both my foils...(:-() I had a 
>body harness and attached myself to the front of my campervan. 
>The rope used was not bungee.During the two
> minutes of my being dragged from left to right I must have been stretched.
> Two minutes of extreame pain. My wrists have never been the same. The line
> (300lb) broke. My brother swears to this day that the campervan moved.
> I would be only to happy to hear of other stories. Not just relating to foils.

Although to a lot of people this might sound fun- I have a bone to pick,
actually a few bones to pick...

         NEVER wear wrist straps when power flying! With the amount of
        pull possible with todays power kites- it becomes very difficult 
        to release one (or both) straps during an emergency.  I have
        also broke 300lb line while flying a 5.1m Peel, but I was useing
        handles at the time. 

        (on a related topic)
        I personally beleive (here it goes again) that there is no
        reason to use a harness when flying a power kite- if you
        can't hold on to it, maybe you shouldn't fly it.  (Now
        granted, there won't be a harness burning ceremony after
        this posting reaches the 11000 readers)

        If you have a harness and still plan to use it- at least try
        using the safety release system while in the worst possible
        scenario- possibly the kite in the power zone, and you on
        your stomach being dragged forward.

         (back to the topic)
        Also granted that people feel a need to tie themselves down
        to something while they are power flying- I suggest the following:
            If you want to hover above the ground, do chin-ups. Don't
            use a power kite with a body harness tied down (especially to
           something with wheels!!!!)

NOW the conclusion of my sermon:

       Anytime you are in a dangerous situation- let go of one handle.  If,
        after  you let go of one handle, the kite still spins and you are
        being dragged forward, let go of the second handle.

Paul Kalowski
A guy who hates to see people get hurt
(THIS IS NOT A FLAME, just giving my safety sermon)

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