Sermon (was Flexifoils)

>         NEVER wear wrist straps when power flying! With the amount of
>        pull possible with todays power kites- it becomes very difficult
>        to release one (or both) straps during an emergency.  I have
>        also broke 300lb line while flying a 5.1m Peel, but I was useing
>        handles at the time.

>        (on a related topic)
>        I personally beleive (here it goes again) that there is no
>        reason to use a harness when flying a power kite- if you
>        can't hold on to it, maybe you shouldn't fly it.  (Now
>        granted, there won't be a harness burning ceremony after
>        this posting reaches the 11000 readers)

>        If you have a harness and still plan to use it- at least try
>        using the safety release system while in the worst possible
>        scenario- possibly the kite in the power zone, and you on
>        your stomach being dragged forward.

>         (back to the topic)
>        Also granted that people feel a need to tie themselves down
>        to something while they are power flying- I suggest the following:
>            If you want to hover above the ground, do chin-ups. Don't
>            use a power kite with a body harness tied down (especially to
>           something with wheels!!!!)

>NOW the conclusion of my sermon:

>       Anytime you are in a dangerous situation- let go of one handle.  If,
>        after  you let go of one handle, the kite still spins and you are
>        being dragged forward, let go of the second handle.

>Paul Kalowski

Don't be so boring Paul! Power kites are there for the POWER! If people want to
be lifted off the ground then let them! (Like I do.)

The reason I do it is because it's about the nearest thing flying. For goodness
sake - there's enough rules in the world, don't try to add more. I'm sure people
who own power kites know the dangers of them - you just have to get one flexi up
to find out.

The bottom line of it is, as you say, if you get worried, let go of one handle.
Its as simple as that.

Maybe rec.kites should be split into rec.kites.safe and rec.kites.dangerous!
What do you reckon?

James K. Tight lines and good winds.

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