Ultraflex Spar

I got myself a new toy today, an Ultraflex (lightweight) 10' Flexifoil spar.

Sure enough, the foil flew in less wind - I ran a 360 on 110'(+?) lines
no sweat.

I also made myself a new stack bridle.  I took a length of 1000lb Polyester
and tied figure-8 knots every 4 feet (I like my stack close together).
I then made a series of small loops and fixed them with larks-head onto
the bridle line below each knot.  I then used each loop to attach a foil,
shortening the loop as I did it, to the minimum possible size, to minimise
play.  This meant that the strain of the stack passed straight up the bridle,
without the usual problem of severe abraision against the ring (as happens if
you follow the instructions that come with the foil).

I put the light spar on the top kite.  The combined weight saving (spar + line)
made a very significant difference.  Normally, I can only launch the stack
straight off the ground if I am *lucky*.  With this arrangement, it only
fails to launch if I am *unlucky* (once, this afternoon, in very light wind

So, I thoroughly reccomend an ultralight spar in the top foil for launching
a *large* stack.  I way flying six 10' foils.  It may not, however be a good
idea for smaller stacks in stronger winds, because of the danger of damaging
the spar.  (remember: on a 6-stack, the maximum strain on each spar is
my (weight+inertia+friction)/6, on a 2-stack, it is the *same* figure divided
by only 2).


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