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>I got myself a new toy today, an Ultraflex (lightweight) 10' Flexifoil spar.
>Sure enough, the foil flew in less wind - I ran a 360 on 110'(+?) lines
>no sweat.
The Ultraflex spar certainly does make a significant difference.  However,
in the UK they cost around 80 GBP (115 USD).  Flying a large stack makes
this is a fairly costly option.  Still, a cheaper option exists.  The
following "Blue Peter" Ultraflex spar costs about 25 GBP to make, it is
may not be quite as light as the Ultraflex but it feels less than half the 
weight of the standard spar and it really does perform well.
Take a length of glass-shaft (GRP tube) (I don't have the measurements to 
hand, either work it out or I will post it later) and put a stop of some
sort (tape will do) about 12 inches from each end.  Slip each end of the 
GRP into two Easton composite spars: the ones I've got are a nice snug fit.
Next get a 4 foot Flexifoil standard spar and knock the ferrule off.  File
both ends so they are slim enough to fit in the Easton.  Bingo.  One ten
foot spar.  You will need to tape the sections together each time you fly.
It goes something like this:
   1/2 of 4' spar    Easton          GRP            Easton    1/2 of 4' spar

If you don't have the stated items to hand you could try something else.  
The only bit you really need is the 4' flexi spar, the others could be

If any one tries this (or has already) post to the list so that the doubters
can be shown the way.

David Adams

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