New power kiting danger

In article <CB4FMq.7tA@tug.com> andrew@tug.com (Andrew Beattie) writes:
>A warning to power kiters:
>I caught a thermal!  I was flying the 15m^2 Peel  on 300' lines on a still, sunny
>morning when I found that it was overflying the vertical without luffing, still pulling hard.
>Be warned:  If you go up on a thermal or updraft, you might not come back down!

Ouch! One of my colleagues told me that in the south of France
(he's French) the paragliders only go out at certain times of day.
Thermals are common in the afternoon, and if the paraglider
gets into a thermal, he might not escape. 

I have experienced a thermal only once, whilest flying a small delta. 
The kite suddenly pulled hard, and was pointing in a direction diffrent from 
the apparent wind. I then let line out and the kite climbed as if on 
a fast moving lift. It went straight up, spiraling on the way. The thermal
disappeared as quickly as it arrived. The kite was about 1000ft up 
when this happened.

All I can suggest is that you keep a look out for "circling birds". If you
see any medium/large birds circling about, and climbing, then be
aware that thermals are about. I don't understand the mechanics of a thermal,
but it appears that the ground suddenly releases its heat. How this happens
I dont know.


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