New power kiting danger

In article <1993Aug04.182853.14846@microsoft.com> a-pauls@microsoft.com (Paul Schandel) writes:
>Now I fly on 150 feet of line for a couple of reasons.
>1) Control... I have control of the kites at all times..
>2) Courtesey to others...
>My question is.. Why would you want to fly on 300 feet
>of line? Reaction time is slower.. It isnt't very safe.
>And it is alot easier to hit those Updrafts, thermals as you
>previously mentioned.
With 300' lines, you spend a lot more time getting power out of
straight-line passes and much less time messing about turning the thing.
If you are lucky, you can get it straight into a steady-state position
(where the kite and buggy are in the same relative positions, the
kite in the power zone, both moving at high speed and still accelerating)
without weaving the kite about the sky to get going.  The Peel that I was
using was about 30' span, so a 300' line is reasonably in proportion!

Courtesey:  I agree.  I only (usualy) use them when I have both the
space and the CAA clearance.

Control:  The 300' 400lb lines were singing (very!) loudly under the
strain of flying the kite in a 5-7mph wind.  There was no sag.

The biggest pain is that a trip to the kite and back is a 600' walk
each time :-(

>Next question,  If your flying something that has that much
>pull do you were a harness and what kind?  I have yet to 
>purchase one myself and have been trying to figure out
>if I should or not, and if so what kind.
Peter Lynn Quick Release handles (with standard back-strap).  This is
the only safe choice at the moment.  Tell your dealer that he can get them
through Vlieger Op in Holland.  (or you could go direct...)

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