Lines For A Flexifoil 10ft

After much consideration and help from 

andrew@tug.com -- Andrew Beattie
jeffy@syrinx.umd.edu  -- Jeff ????
ces1at@surrey.ac.uk -- Dr Andrew Tate
ye79@gec-mrc.co.uk -- Chris Willis

I have decided to get a 10Ft Felxifoil. Having discussed
it with my local dealer he recommends 300lbsX150Ft dyneema (sp ?)
lines --- these seem quite expensive, are they really necessary ?
Does 300lb line not make the kite harder to launch. I am willing
to buy them if they are the best/hardest wearing.

Anyone got any opinions ?

Thanks in advance one again 

                                  Declan Higgins - dhiggins@bfsec.bt.co.uk 
             "Mihi crede, hoc mihi magis quam tibi nocet"

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