Lines For A Flexifoil 10ft

In article <930804002420@dbell.dseg.ti.com> dbell@lobby.ti.com writes:
> >> I have decided to get a 10Ft Felxifoil. Having discussed
> >> it with my local dealer he recommends 300lbsX150Ft dyneema (sp ?)
> >> lines --- these seem quite expensive, are they really necessary ?
> >> Does 300lb line not make the kite harder to launch. I am willing
> >> to buy them if they are the best/hardest wearing.
>Declan,  I don't have a 10' Flexi but I do stack 6' flexi's 4 deep for power
>kiting.  The "Into the Wind" catalog recomends that the 10' be flown with
>200 lb line.  But if you even think that you would like to stack another
>kite with your 10' then I would stay with the 300 lb.  I also recomend that
>you get a set of padded straps (handles) to fly with also.

Best:  For no compromise, I buy Spectra rather than Dyneema.

Hardest Wearing:  These lines are NOT hard wearing!  They are thin, strong
expensive and slippery but easy to cut.

200lb or 300lb:  200lb will do for one, but when I started, I assumed that I
would buy more and got 300lb.  300lb is enough for as many as you like.
The single flexi should however, fly slightly better on 200lb.

Length:  150' is OK for flexies.  The longer it is, the more time it has to get
up to speed.

Padded straps:  Ignore Dick on this one (sorry Dick).  Take care of your
wrists.  Use Sky Claws (or similar).

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