Stake flying...


   I tried something last weekend that blew my socks off!!  If any of you 
out there are looking for something incredible to do with your stunt kite
you've got to try this!!

   Here's what I did:

1) Get two sets of line that are the same weight (4 lines in all).  The 
   same length lines would be nice too.
2) Put a large stake into the ground were you would normally stand when you
   fly your stunt kite (I've found the stakes used to tie dogs up with work
   the best.  The stake needs to have a loop or something at the end!).
3) Next hook the two sets of line together.  This should give you two lines
   that are really long (twice the length of your normal lines).  If you have
   a large spool of lines, just make a set of lines that are twice the length
   of your normal lines.
4) Now hook one end of the lines to your kite like you would normally do.  Then
   stretch the lines out to the stake, pass the strings through the stake and
   then stretch the lines out back towards your kite.  Make sure that the 
   strings are seperated some how.  If they rub together they might snap.  You
   can attach to small carabearners two the stake, put one line in each. The
   strings should be just past your kite (to be safe).  Now hook your handles
   up to the string.

   Basically what you're doing is flying your kite while standing underneath
it!  The controls are a little different feeling so beware!  Launching and
landing your kite is the same but a little more difficult.  Once you get the
hang of this it's really fun!  You can make the kite fly within inches of your
face!  The further back you step, the further the kite goes forward, which
gives you more distance between you and the kite.  Obviously if you move
forward too much the kite could smack you if you come too close to the ground!
Don't let the first couple of crashes intimidate you!  After about 5 minutes
of this I'm sure you'll love it!  Those who don't have perfect kite control or
if you're just learning you probably shouldn't try this, it would just confuse
you!  Although I could be wrong :)

   NOTE:  I've found that if you use two small carabeaners, one for each line,
          this will inhance your kites performance.  Also be warned that the
          lines will make a groove in your stake or carabeaners.  You might
          want to try this for you first time on a windy day.  So  your not 
          fighting the weather!

   Please post to tell us how you did and if you liked it!  This is not a 
perfected procedure, but it's loads of fun!  All input would be appreciated.

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