Stake flying...

>   I tried something last weekend that blew my socks off!!  If any of you 
>out there are looking for something incredible to do with your stunt kite
>you've got to try this!!


     Damon,  thats great.  The first time I saw that stunt was at 
the  1986 AKA Convention in Newport RI.    The world renouned Lee 
Sedgwick  flew  a  Hawaiian Team kite in  the  individual  ballet 
competition.  There were no restricitons at the time.  I tied for 
first  with him doing my historical two kite  routine,  Superman.  
Since  that  time  there have been many  fliers  compete  in  the 
individual  inovative catagory using the dog stake.   One routine 
comes to mind where the John Barissi flew a Red Revolution II  to 
the  song  little red riding hook.   He wore a  wolf  mask.   The 
routine was very entertaining.   When I feel like showing off,  I 
take  my Hyper Ghost kites to a small park on San Diego Bay where 
lots of tourists shop.    It turns out that the edge of the  wind 
window is right beside the side walk so I'm only 2 to 3 feet away 
>From  the spectators playing with my kite and talking to them  at 
the same time.
     I  would concure with you that all stunt kite flyers  should 
try this.  The best approach is to work at either the right (as I 
do) or the left edge.   I use 300 lb spectra directly through the 
dog  stake.   No pulleys,  No Carbiners,   Nothing special on the 
stake  except that I have removed all of the manufacturing  burrs 
>From the bent eye on the end of the dog stake.   Also,  I usually 
use   standard 120ft to 150ft lines.   It may be easier to  learn 
with the longer lines as you spoke of.
     Some stunts to try with this setup:
          1.  Catch the kite by the nose or wing tip.  Then, push 
it away and resume flying.
          2.   Land  the  kite in you hands  which  are  extended 
between you and the dog stake.
          3.   Step  up between the path of the kite and the  dog 
stake and let the flyline remove you hat.

     I can describe other stunts if additional interest is shown.

                        Gotta Go Fly Now,

                            Ron Reich

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