Stake flying...

I've done a lot of stake flying, it's great fun. I have some advice
for folks wanting to try this:

        - practice in moderate, but steady wind.
        - use a sturdy kite. You will crash many times and destroying
          a kite will only discourage you. I learned this using a
          Spinoff and broke three spines before figuring things out.
        - try not to think too much about what you are doing. I found
          that the more I thought about it ("okay, now pull on the
          right handle to get the kite to go to the left...") the
          worse I got.

A funny things that happened to me once:

        I managed to control the kite so that I could do a wing-tip
        stand on my shoulder fairly consistantly. Of course no one saw
        me do this, so when people were watching me, I tried it. I
        bashed myself in the head on that attempt. Joanne always asks
        me if I have my bicycle helmet with me when she sees me
        setting up for some stake flying.
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