Stunt: Helicopter

     The  helicopter  or  side slide is easier if the  bridle  is 
adjusted to lengthen the top leg.   This is what we call a  heavy 
setting  of the bridle.   At this setting the kite will not climb 
as high,  but its a good place to start practicing the helicopter 
maneuver.  Next, fly the kite out to the edge of the wind window.  
Make  a  down turn and as the nose comes around to  point  almost 
straight up "push" the pulling hand back to stop the turn.  Also, 
walk  toward  the kite enough to keep it from climbing  and  also 
walk  down  wind parallel to the sliding direction of  the  kite.  
The  key is to watch the kite closely while monitoring the  small 
amount  of tension in the flylines with the index finger  on  the 
flyline or bridle of the handle.  Make ever so slight adjustments 
by  applying  pressure with the appropriate index finger to  keep 
the  kite  pointing  straight up.   By adjusting  the  amount  of 
tension in the flylines and by walking the proper direction,  one 
can  actually  get  the  kite to slide into  the  wind.   I  have 
actually helicoptered from one extreme edge to a point just about 
to  the  other  edge  of the wind window.   As  you  become  more 
proficient  at this trick you can start raising your bridle  back 
toward your normal setting.

P.P.S.  Most  delta kites land and side slide (helicopter) easier 
when  the bridle is set heavy.   (Move the clip down to  lengthen 
the top leg of the bridle)

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