Stunt: Kite walking

     Children are very easily amused by seeing a kite walk on the 
ground.   This  stund is best performed when the kite is about 20 
feet  in from one edge of the wind window.   Start by  completely 
slacking  the  up wind flyline.   Give a firm  tug  and  emidiate 
release of the down wind flyline.  The kite should have taken its 
first step.   Now completely slack the down wind flyline and give 
a  firm tug and release of the up wind flyline.   The kite should 
have taken its second step.   Continue this poscedure as you also 
take steps backwards.  Be sure to alway completely slack the line 
that you are not pulling on otherwise the kite may do a tip stand 
or maybe even launch.   With practice you can take big or  little 
steps and even quick or slow motion high steps.

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