Stunt: Leading edge launch

     The  leading  edge  launch  is best learned  with  the  kite 
positioned  about  30 feet in from the edge of the  wind  window.  
Point the nose of the kite into the wind.   The objective will be 
to  first get the kite to start sliding into the wind.   Once  it 
has  started to slide into the wind you're home free.   With  the 
kite laying on its leading edge pointing into the  wind,   gently 
pull  on  the  line attached to the wing that  is  up.   Continue 
gently pulling until the kite leans toward you about 30  degrees.  
Maintain  this  hand position and start slowly backing  up.   The 
kite should start to slide into the wind.   When it  does,   then 
start backing up briskly,   The kite should start to lift off the 
ground,  at which time you should start steering as usual.   What 
might  happen  is the the kite will just flip over to  the  other 
leading edge on the ground.  To keep this from happening you will 
need  to  put a little more tension on the line attached  to  the 
leading  edge which is on the ground.   Normally the kite can  be 
made to flip back and forth switching the leading edge in contact 
with  the ground by just a firm tug on the wing that is up  while 
the other line is completely slack.

P.S.   Most delta kites edge launch easier when the bridle is set 
high.  (Move the clip up to shorten the top leg of the bridle)

     NO LINE TOO TIGHT                RON REICH

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