Stunt: Nose down flip stand

     With  most any delta sport kite that is laying on a  leading 
edge,  if  you  give a tug on the wing in the air the  kite  will 
normally  rock over to put the other leading edge on the  ground.  
The  delta kites that have a long enough  bridle  assembly,  (one 
which  allows  the pick point to extend beyond the  leading  edge 
when  held  off to the side of the kite) can actually  be  tugged 
sharply  enough  to  cause the wingtip in the air to  rotate  far 
enough  to  pass beneath the flylines and allow the  kite  to  be 
quickly stood up on its wing tips. (Alla! miguel rodregez).
     (Note:  this stunt usually requires that the kite be equiped 
with whiskers/sail stabilizers)

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